Share Links

What is a share link?

Share links allow non authenticated users or 'guests’ to edit, export and submit documents for approval, depending on the type of share link used.

Types of share links

There are two types of share links.

  1. Make a copy
    Guest users get a sandboxed copy of the document that was shared and are free to edit and export
  2. Collaborate
    Guest users can edit the content and request their changes to be saved to the document that was shared.
    The sharer can then approve or deny the guests changes.

How to create a share link

From the documents screen you can create a new share link by selecting documents and clicking ‘Share’.

create share link

The share link will take the documents and any information the author has input, and create a publicly sharable link that anyone without an account can access.

This takes you to the share link screen where you can see all the share links created in that project. This screen is also accessible by clicking the share links tab in the sub navigation.

share link

By default, your share link is in make a copy mode. To change this, simply click the Collaborate button next to it.

Reviewing changes

When a guest has requested changes to the document if the share link is in collaborate mode, you can review and apply their changes here