Request approval

Request approval of a Document

Requesting approval allows you to submit your Outfit document for someone else to review before exporting it. For some accounts it may be necessary to lock authors from exporting and always enforce an approval process. Within the approval process you may be required to gain approval from only one person, or as of recently, two people, before being able to export.

What does the Process look like

Within the approval process there are four different states that a document goes through. Check out the different states below


If you’re an author, by default, you have the ability to export documents. This ability is reflected on every document card with the Exportable tag. If you are an author who is restricted from exporting, you will never see this Exportable tag as you must always go through the approval process.

request approval button


If you’re an author that is restricted from exporting, most of your working documents will be tagged as Unapproved. This means that you must seek approval on all of these documents before being able to export those.

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Pending Approval

As soon as you request approval on a document, or range of documents, they will no longer be Exportable - they will be locked from any further changes until the review is completed by the Approver or until that Approval request has been canceled.

When a document is awaiting Approval that document card will change to Pending Approval. The documents can still be accessed in a read only mode for reference, however no actions can be made.

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Only after approval has been given may those documents be unlocked again for exporting. If you are an author who is restricted from exporting and you make any further changes to the approved document that document will then be reset to Unapproved and the document must go through the approval process again.

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How to Request approval

Once you have created you document, click the three dots found in the top right hand corner of your screen next to the Finish button and then click Request approval.

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In the search bar add who you would like to request approval from, and add your notes in the text field. Click Request when you are ready. Once that approval request has been sent, those document(s) will be then set to Pending Approval and be locked from any further changes.

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Once your selected team members have sent their feedback you will be notified and you can go ahead and export the approved document.


If you are the user that has been chosen by the requester to approve the documents, you will recieve an email notification similar to this one below. That email will take you straight to the document(s) that are awaiting approval.


From there you can either Approve the documents, or request further changes. By approving you will then unlock those documents and they may be exported.


Requested Changes

However if further changes are requested, the person who requested the review will be sent a notification via email asking for changes to be made. Those requested changes will also be added as a comment in the Conversations panel for easy access when editing.


Once those changes have been made, the author may again Request Approval.

Tracked Changes

Within the request approval process, Reviewers have the ability to see the changes that have occurred for a specific document (or set of documents). By default if an author Requests a Review on a document with text that has been changed the Tracked Changes feature will be utilised. To do this, authors can do the following:

Tracked Changes

The approver is able to see the inputs that were changed by the requester. The old values for the text inputs are yellow and stricken through.

Can I override the approval process if someone doesn’t respond?

Yes, you can. Within a Project, click on the Pending Approvals tab. This is where you (and anyone else who visits the Project) can see all pending approvals for documents within that specific Project. This will show you what documents you have requested approval for, who you requested approval from and also allows you to update those reviewers (or even cancel the review).

Tracked Changes

To update the Reviewer list, click on the View Changes link within the awaiting review. This will then take you to a read only version of your documents. From here click on the More icon (in the top right hand corner of the page) and from the drop down you can either change the Reviewers or cancel the request.

Tracked Changes

Why would I need to request approval when Outfit is meant to be safe for me to create on brand material?

While Outfit is perfect at nailing your brand’s visual guidelines, unfortunately it is not a substitute for a good copywriter. There will be those times where it is necessary to have another pair of eyes reviewing your copy. Also, the workflow for creating materials vary from one organisation to the other. Some are stricter and require at least a second person to reveiew every piece of produced content.

Two Level Approval

Within the Outfit document approval process you can now define a two level approval system. The main case for a two level approval system is to first gain approval from the Team Owner and then only after that may final sign off be given by a defined admin.

How do I set up a two level process?

Unfortunately authors cannot setup a two level approval process, however a Team Owner or a Administrator can do so. See here for how to setup a two level process.

What does the process look like?

For an author, the process is quite the same to a one level approval request, there is just another review that must take place in the middle. To help you understand where you are in the process, we’ve added these helpful timelines to all Request approval emails.

Tracked Changes

When requesting approval, authors will only need to set the first level approver as the second level approvers are default set in all teams.

If you are a Team Owner or Administrator, click here to learn more on adding default approvers.