Projects overview

Projects are Outfit’s way of arranging a selection of documents into a folder. Apart from keeping your documents organised, they also manage what team has access to the documents within. This means an author in ‘Team A’, will only be able to access Team A’s Projects.

Creating a new project.

Go to your Projects screen and click + New Project new project

the button will now turn into a project creation form.

new project

type a project name that is meaningful to your organisation and assign a team to the project, (teams define who can see the project and what documents can be added) Read more about how teams work

Click the ‘Create Project’ button.

After you have created the project, the next step is to add some documents to the project

Creating a new project from the dashboard.

You can also create a new project directly from the dashboard by clicking the green ‘Create new project’ button in the recently created projects section

new project