When you’re happy with the information you’ve input into your documents, it’s time to export.

Exporting is when outfit takes a document and converts it into the finished file format that you need to post on a social network or send to a printer.

How to Export

When you’re sitting at the documents page, use the search bar to find your documents, or you can select whichever documents you would like to export individually, and click ‘export’ in the actions bar.

export example

Alternatively, you can export whilst you are in the editing page by clicking the export button in the top right.

export example

After you’ve clicked export you will be navigated to the ‘exports’ screen. From this screen you can download all the final exports to your hard drive. You can also click ‘Open’ to view the rendered files on your browser.


Latest Links

Latest links are a feature in Outfit that lets you link someone to the latest version of an export. Everytime the document is exported it is updated on the latest link, always keeping the file that the link goes to up to date.

A good example of this would be if you sent a link of your print ready pdf to your printer, and realised there was a typo, you could quickly edit the document, export it again, and the pdf file available on that same link will be updated.

How to get the latest link.

The latest link is accessible by going to the exports tab in the sub navigation.
Here you will see a list of documents in your project.

Clicking the ‘Share’ button will give you both the Link to that version and the ‘Latest Link’