What are Documents

Documents are your pieces of collateral (posters, pull-up banners, web-ads etc.) in Outfit, they are created by a designer from an html template.

Making Selections

If you click a document, that document gets selected,


Click the document again to de-select it. You can also select mulitple documents at once.


you can then perform actions with that selected document, like editing, renaming or removing it from the project.


Editing Documents

Select the document or documents you would like to edit, and click the edit icon in the the actions bar.

The document editing screen displays the inputs availible to you on the left side, and the preview of your document(s) on the right.


Click one of the inputs in the sidebar on the left to edit its value.

If you’re happy with this and any of the other changes you might have made, click ‘Save’ on the top right corner of your screen.

Adding Documents to a Project.

When inside a Project click the + Add to open the Template Library.

template library

You can find all necessary templates by using the search bar at the top of the Library. To add a template to the Tray, ready to turn into a Document, hover over a template and click on the green + Add button that appears.

If you need multiples of the same document, click the + Add button multiple times.

Template Tags

Like in the Asset Library, tagging is also available in the Template Library. Administrators can predefine tagged groups (see here) of templates that can then be neatly ordered to form campaigns, event kits or groups of ads.

template library

Refined Template Information

Click the toggle in the top left hand corner to toggle between showing and hiding template details.

refined template details