Template Library Tagging

This feature is only available to Designers and Administrators.

There are currently two ways to add tags to a template and its variations, via the Template Variations page of a Template, or via any project.

Via Template Variations

To add a tag to a template, first you must navigate to a template’s repository.

  1. From the menu click on Templating > Choose a Template to add tags to > Template Variations
  2. Highlight a selection of template variations you would like to add a tag to.
  3. In the Actions Menu click on the Tag button and choose from the previously created tags. If a tag needs to be created, click the + Add Tags button to setup a new one.

template library tagging via variations

Via A Project

You can also tag templates via any Project.

  1. Navigate to a Project and click the + Add button to show the Template Library
  2. Click and drag templates into pre-existing tags to add them to that tag.
  3. To add a tag, click on the + New

Visit the Documents page to learn more about the Template Library.