What are Teams ?

Teams allow authors to see documents that are only relevant to them. In Outfit, an account can be comprised of several teams. You can then decide how much access which teams get in response to the needs of your organisation. For example, a global organisation can have teams that are split up into the separate local offices. The local team can then be allowed access only to the relevant material to that location.

How do I make a Team ?

Click ‘Users and teams’ in the main app navigation, go to the teams tab.

Click on the “Create New Team” button found on the Teams page. Follow the prompts on the following page and create your team. This team will be available for you next time you.

How do I add users to a Team?

Navigate to your Team in the team page and then add your users as desired to the team.

Team Owners

Administrators can now set specific authors in teams as Team Owners. Team Owners have the ability to perform tasks that would usually not be allowed for users with author based permissions.

Team owners can add other users to the team that they own, approve their team’s content and define smart input data for their team. As well as this they can also add specific social media accounts by team, team owners can also integrate their team with their various social media accounts.

How can I add a Team Owner?

To add a team owner navigate to Users & Teams > Teams and then choose the team you wish to promote an author into a Team Owner.

To promote that author click on the Make Owner button which resides in the user row.

team owners

How about removing a Team Owner?

To remove a team owner simply navigate back to that page above and click the x next to Team Owner

Can I have more than 1 Team Owner in a Team?

Yes you can, you can also have 1 author that is the team owner of multiple teams.